<tmkf> italy's is currently at like 6.6%, for instance, and they have shit like healthcare and sickleave <tmkf> irans @ 4% and they've got a solid public-health infrastructure and track record <tmkf> 827 deaths, 12462 confirmed total <jared> im ignorant do you mind helping me learn something about covid19 <bp> is there an age breakdown for those deaths <tmkf> only 724 of those are recovered, too, so theres 11k ppl who are still in the middle of it <coxn> jared: ask your Q <jared> why is this or is this not, worse than a typical flu season. what is special here w/ the virus or whatever, increased panic etc. i know it kills boomers but <jared> i know flu kills boomers too <tmkf> bp: probably, not on the dashboard im lookin at tho <jared> this is what people keep telling me and it pisses me off <jared> cuz i dont know a thing but i KNOW there is.. a thing to know, to tell them <esch> this isn't related to the flu at all <juffo> jared: the flu has been around for a long time, and so almost everyone has at least some immunity to it (despite the fact that it does mutate each year). this virus is brand new, so nobody has any immunity to it. <duckstab> jared: it is much more infectious (spreads easier) and has a much higher mortality rate <tmkf> jared: the kill rate is a lot higher and it transmits so much easier than the flu <bp> it's much much much more infectious and deadly than flu <tmkf> and ur asymptomatic while you're shedding huge amounts of virus <duckstab> and the symptoms come on slower than the flu and its infectious before you display symptoms <esch> also extremely long incubation and illness period <coxn> jared: some special things include, but are not limited to: (1) significant co-morbidity factors, meaning that if you're already sick with X, then Y is worse.... <tmkf> so you dont know to self-quarantine <coxn> jared: (2) so far indications of a higher mortality rate than flu <bp> on the up side the recovery phase is no longer contagious, as with colds and flu <bp> so at least you're not shedding virus post-infection <coxn> jared: (3) fully novel, so basically nobody has immunity <tmkf> also, we've basically completely hollowed out our healthcare system <jared> fuck wow, thanks everyone <tmkf> so we're extremely flat-footed to respond to something like this <duckstab> 1 in 5 patients require ventilation or o2 <esch> what <esch> that can't be right <bp> yeah next month is going to be chaos <duckstab> oh sorry not quite <esch> 20% would be insane. I thought only like 5% of cases were severe <duckstab> According to the World Health Organization (WHO), about 1 in 5 people with COVID-19 become seriously ill. These individuals can develop severe pneumonia or respiratory failure and may require oxygen or mechanical ventilation. <esch> ok <bp> jared this is a good clinical read https://emcrit.org/ibcc/covid19/ <juffo> that's really bad <coxn> okay so 20% are seriously ill, and a subset of _those_ require ventilation or O2 <tmkf> jared: u see how the yellow line is doing that scary swoopy pattern: https://www.dropbox.com/s/k471mxpuhd4xcf2/swooper.png?dl=0 <juffo> ohhh <juffo> oh ok i get it <tmkf> jared: if that curve happened with flu season ppl would absolutely be losing their minds <vee> also for jared https://twitter.com/yashar/status/1237825492033474560 <knifebutt> @yashar: Coronavirus can live in air for several hours & on some surfaces for as long as 2-3 days, tests by US gov have found <knifebutt> Tests show people can get infected through air, as well as from touching things that were contaminated, in addition to direct contact <knifebutt> https://apnews.com/fe0239e95b8ad1037639ed833b990e48?fbclid=IwAR1a_evdb34o-Sy2rRv_dGuXTKtizEOzuT2m1UPfMBUmzCxsUhDuFxd0Q7U <coxn> jared: a resource I linked some time ago, but still good (sorry to add late) http://thispodcastwillkillyou.com/2020/02/04/episode-43-m-m-m-my-coronaviruses/ <coxn> jared: it gives a lot of background info and does a pretty good job of translating from the (appropriate for the context) academic jargon to what we can all understand
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