Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup


From wikipedia,

Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup is a roguelike game where the player creates a character and guides it through a dungeon, mostly consisting of persistent levels, full of monsters and items, with the goal of retrieving the "Orb of Zot" (a MacGuffin) located there, and escaping alive. To enter the Realm of Zot where the Orb is located, the player must first obtain at least three "runes of Zot" of the 15 available; these are located at the ends of diverse dungeon branches such as the Spider Nest, Tomb, and Slime Pits.

Learn to move around with the "rogue keys", "hjkl" and "yubn". I recommend using home row positioning, even if you can imagine them as a numpad:

Y K U H ☸ L B J N

A lot of your keyboard will become useful in this game as you learn more of the keybinds.

Navigate around, find weapons to [w]ield and equipement to [W]ear. Scrolls can be [r]ead and potions [q]uaffed.